Friday, December 18, 2009

Season of Belated Giving

I still haven't started shopping and I can't post pictures of the "big" (as in time-consuming, not as in perceived value or size) thing I'm making - ruins the surprise, you see! - but here are some of our gifts this year:

(The picture on the left is hard to make out, but we made scented gel candles in wine glasses for the girls' teachers et al.)

Also, my favorite Christmas card postmark this year:


RobMonroe said...

Are you getting mail from terrorists for Christmas? :o)

Love the wine-candles, and since I had birthday cake for breakfast, your cupcakes are not as tempting-to-go-get-sugar for me!

Sarahlynn said...

Just friends with "boring desk jobs." ;-)

Good for you, eating birthday cake for breakfast! Mine inevitably molds before I finish it. What I need to do is to expand my "acceptable eating times" horizons!