Friday, December 04, 2009


Last Tuesday, Paul called home from work at noon. "I forgot to bring anything for lunch and I'm really dragging today so I'm going to run over to Qdoba to grab something to eat."

"Mmmmm, I'm jealous," I said, sliding a frozen meal into the microwave. We were planning to leave town early the next day and Ada and I had spent the morning cleaning and packing.

"Why don't you come meet me?"

"We'll be there in twenty minutes!"

I walked into the restaurant carrying Ada and Paul burst out laughing. What? What?! Was I wearing slippers out in public again? Did I forget to finger comb my hair?

No, apparently Paul was reacting to the way Ada dressed for the occasion. (Here she is faux-texting Nana after lunch. Note the Halloween candy necklace, which really makes the look.)

And here's how she modified the outfit a few hours later when she was done being a cowgirl and ready to be a fairy princess.

I think Ellie might be fighting off a cold; her cheeks have been really rosy this week. Here she is, just relaxing in bed, reading a tabloid. (Actually, it's Women's World, which I'm checking out as a potential market for a short mystery story.)

Why is playing "sleep" so much more fun than the real thing for my children?

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RobMonroe said...

It really is funny how they all cling to "sleep" as a fun game, but when it's time to put it into action there is grief. As you saw last week, sometimes I find it easier to give up and join her, though that is typically only when vacation is happening and things are awry. We did the co-sleeping thing for two years to avoid the night time woes.

I LOVE Ada's outfit. We've sent Abby to school in such craziness. I would rather they have their own style than fight to get certain clothes on. Most days, anyway!