Monday, November 16, 2009

The Talker Teacher

Ellie's classmates like Hannah Montana and super heroes. Ellie is less interested than she used to be in Pixar movies and early morning cartoons (Dora the Explorer is apparently so preschool). But I won't let her watch Hannah Montana or super hero movies.

Lately, the girls have been into The Little Mermaid. We talk about how Ariel wanted to be human before she even met Prince Eric; the human world always held a strong draw for her. We talk about how she rescued him, then he rescued her, then they fought the evil Sea Witch together. It's an imperfect movie but it's not so bad and they're having fun with it.

Two of the scenes the girls are most interested in this week are the wedding scenes. So Paul and I brought out our wedding album and showed the girls. I can't believe we'd never done that! Ada's been walking around for days, saying, "You got married, Mommy? You got married, Daddy? Mommy, you married Daddy? Daddy, you have a pretty ring."

They loved looking at the pictures and recognizing our church, their aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

"That's Grandpa!" Ada said, looking at a picture of my dad officiating at the wedding ceremony, wearing his robe and stole. "He's the Talker Teacher!"

Out of the mouths of babes.


RobMonroe said...

I was still skinny at your wedding!

Fun that they got excited to hear your story. We are still on Nemo and Sesame Street, so no wedding album time for us anytime soon...

Anonymous said...

My son is all about the superheroes, and we finally snapped--about a year ago. Now he's got a Talmudic understanding of the X-Men. Sometimes I wonder what would've happened if we'd harnessed his powers for Good.

Sarahlynn said...

Rob, so was I! (And Ada's interests are heavily influenced by her big sister.)

Bingol, I had a friend (now divorced and I got the wife in the divorce) who was convinced he could do this with his step-son. He tried to "encourage" only educational programming. It didn't work too well!

I love the Talmudic understanding of the X-Men. My eldest can recite whole movies and books on tape, but has a hard time memorizing sight words. Alas.

Jessica said...

That's great!

It reminds me of how I was trying to explain your recent wedding anniversary to them - - I kept saying your "wedding birthday" thinking anniversary might not make as much sense but also wasn't sure if "wedding" was resonating - I bet it would now!

Barrie said...

I should get our wedding album down. Considering how much it all cost (the day and album), we should look at it often!

Sarahlynn said...

Jessica, I think they were confused on all counts: wedding, anniversary, and the concept of birthday being an anniversary, too!

Barrie, I'm fond of reminding my husband that we spent more on those photos than we spent on food AND booze at our reception. "But the pictures you'll keep forever . . . "