Thursday, December 18, 2008


Our church has 2 sets of big glass doors, one facing north and one facing south, that are unlocked on weekdays. Between the two, in the bright, open intersection of two hallways, is a large, circular desk. We call it the Welcome Center and it's staffed daily by volunteer "Ambassadors" who greet people and help newcomers find their way. When there's no weekday volunteer, I occasionally fill in at the desk.

Yesterday, I was sitting there happily typing away when a woman from the church office (which is nestled upstairs and out of the flow of traffic) stopped by the desk. "You look so busy!" she said. "Are you studying for finals, dear?"

Bless her heart. I think I might wear this outfit everyday for a while. I'm wearing it again today because we didn't really get much chance to go to bed last night . . . pictures of this year's Christmas craft to come tomorrow for Friday Photoblogging.

Anyway: t-shirt over long-sleeved shirt. Casual khakis. Long, unstyled hair. no makeup. Glasses. Sleep deprivation. Yep! I can still pass for a college student!


Tracey said...

Being mistaken for a college student is always nice. I love that your welcome center is staffed daily!

Sarahlynn said...

It's been an awfully long time since I was carded, though. Alas.

Our church is a pretty busy place> Some of that is probably because we're right in downtown Kirkwood. So Ambassadors/greeters are useful. Plus, there's the fact that the office is hidden upstairs where visitors would never stumble upon it. And there's the nursery school, which makes for lots of pleasant foot traffic!