Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday Photo Blogging

We had an excellent Fourth of July last week. We took the girls to a parade in the morning:

Then headed home for lunch and naps. During the afternoon we cleaned up around the house:

Then we had a few friends over for a casual BBQ. After we'd eaten ourselves silly, we piled into cars and headed over to Kirkwood Park for an amazing fireworks display:


ccw said...

Looks like a wonderful way to spend the 4th!

I am jealous that you can get Ellie to sit in a stroller. I would to be able to get NSBH back into the stroller.

Sarahlynn said...

Yeah, that picture is a bit misleading. They sat in the stroller before the parade. Once the action started, Ellie "needed" frequent trips to the bathroom, and by the end of the parade our stroller sat abandoned by the street while Paul and I stood several feet back, in the shade, each holding a child.

Ada doesn't love the stroller. Ellie's just now starting to not like it. Most of the time, the trick is getting her to actually walk anywhere. Sigh.