Monday, October 15, 2007


I had a post (or twelve) that I really wanted to write last week (when Ellie turned 4! Stay tuned!) but didn't have time before we left town for our 4-day weekend mini-vacation.

We flew east to visit Paul's sister and her husband for their daughter's baptism. I really like Paul's sister and brother-in-law, and would even if they weren't family, and the parents of my new niece. Their 4-month-old is incredibly adorable, and very sweet. We had a lot of fun. Paul's folks flew out too, and it was nice to have the whole family all together. I've enjoyed the (at least) every-other-month thing we've been doing this year. It's particularly remarkable considering how widely spread we are: Wyoming, Missouri, Maryland.

Speaking of geography, here's a guilty admission: I was in high school before I realized that it was Wyoming with a "g". My father pronounces the name of that state as though it ends with a "y". I do know, however, that those periods should be inside of the parentheses. But it's just dumb and I can't do it. Dad also says "myoozim" and "nekkid." He was working on his doctorate when I was in elementary school, and I remember members of his thesis committee coming out to listen to him preach, and insisting that he work on his "accent." That was for his first doctorate. I guess once you've got one, you can talk however you like, since it didn't come up with the second, as far as I know.

It's not like I didn't know that there was a Wyoming, of course. I probably just never put the two places together, just like I knew that there were "or derves" served at parties, as well as "hors devors," but took a long time to realize that these two appetizers were actually one and the same (hors d'oeuvres, just to prove that I can spell it now). I'm thinking of a couple of other examples, but surely I've embarassed myself enough for the evening.

Back to family. I think it's possible that having a niece-in-law could be even more fun than having a regular old niece. Like there are some advantages to being a sister-in-law. By which I mean that although we're the same age, I don't feel the same competitiveness with Paul's sister that I feel with my next-youngest sister. We're missing all that history growing up. Likewise, I don't worry as much about when my niece-in-law (hereafter: niece Abby) reaches her milestones compared to when my children do. I suppose that there's still a part of me that's competing with MiddleSis for my parents' love, for my children as well as for myself.

Have I mentioned that I can't remember the last time I slept for 4 hours in a row? Surely, that's relevant here.

Both the girls were wonderful travelers this weekend. We had fun. Pictures to come. Good night!

Three little girls and their Nana, who's looking away from the camera because I haven't asked her permission.

Ellie petting Uncle Rob, face visible because he posts pictures of himself on his blog

"Huh. I never wanted a pacifier before, but I've developed a sudden and intense interest in yours."


Kristi said...

It's interesting that you distinguish between Paul's sisers' kids and your own sister's kids. I'd never thought of my twin niece and nephew as anything other than my niece and nephew, though their mother is Merl's sister and not mine. None of my sisters have any children of their own yet, so I guess that could figure into it. For us, we'll probably be doing a lot of comparisons between the twins and Trystan because they're so close in age and geography--my blood sister's hypothetical future children will all be much more spread out in both ways.

Here's wishing you a good night sleep (or at least a solid, say, 6 hour stretch). We haven't had one of those here either lately!

Rob Monroe said...

We had SUCH a great time having you all here. The next time you visit we should plan it on a more low-key weekend so we can go enjoy some of the sights of this area. I have never actually been tot he Lincoln Memorial...

Sarahlynn said...

Rob, that would be lovely; let's plan on it!

Kristi, my sister had a baby just 4-1/2 months before Paul's sister did, so it's interesting to compare. But Abby and Arria are both definitely my nieces!

Ada is not sleeping lately. I'm hopeful that this is just because she's so intent on MOVING.