Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ellie is Four

Ellie turned 4 last week and had, I think, a perfect birthday.

She awoke terribly early, and her parents allowed her to crawl into bed with them. We all went back to sleep, taking a relaxed approach to the morning routine. (This wonderful morning moment brought to you by overnight pull-ups: ahh.)

When Ellie got up for real, she discovered birthday decorations in the family room/breakfast nook and we had doughnuts for breakfast.

Then there was school. Yay! And Nemo cupcakes for all! Double Yay!

Then the bus ride home!

And when mommy asked what she wanted for lunch, she asked for pizza pockets, then pizza. And got both!

Then nap, which didn't suck because mommy curled up in bed with Ellie and read Mother Goose until she fell asleep, smiling.

After nap, there was homemade lasagna for dinner! With a favorite friend joining us, and garlic bread, and corn.

Then gymnastics!
And treasured bath time!
And phone conversations with grandparents and aunts!

And more cake, this one with Nemo made out of black and orange Halloween M&Ms on top.

And, finally, bed.

My little Eleanor is proudly 4 years old, and happy to tell you so. There will be a party in a couple of weeks, when more family can be here.


Rob Monroe said...

She's so awesomely four!

Did you have any trouble getting the doodle toy on the plane? I realized after you left that it's a water based toy...

Angela said...

Happy Birthday, Ellie! Welcome to four!

Seasonal said...

Wow, Happy 4th birthday Miss Ellie, and happy birthing day anniversary to you.

My little babe is going to be TWO on the 23rd. How in the world did that happen?

Krupskaya said...

Happy birthday, Ellie! We blow you a kiss from afar!

Amy said...

Happy birthday, Ellie! Stella's birthday was last week, too--she turned six!

Sarahlynn said...

Rob, is it really water based? Huh. No problems getting through security . . . and I didn't remove my lotion, chapstick, or antibacterial stuffs from my purse, either.

Thanks Angela, Seasonal, Krupskaya, and Amy! I'm totally loving 4, especially all the TALKING!