Tuesday, September 06, 2005

On Hating Disney

I know that I am supposed to hate all things Disney, including Walt Disney World. It's explicitly stated in the "How to be a Good Liberal" handbook that they pass out at the secret parties. But I don't hate Disney World, and here's why:

Yes, it's a major U.S. corporation with all that that implies, like sweatshops and child labor (that's an interesting link, though nothing's referenced and a lot of it's silly). And, yes, Walt himself was probably as Nazi sympathizer, among other things. And, yes, Disney gives us a sanitized look at a world that never was. But . . . Disney World also allows adults to see the world as we did when we were very young. A 4-year-old, seeing a small town's Main Street, doesn't notice the peeling paint or the fact that half of the storefronts are empty. WDW brings back that magic for adults by creating the world as little kids see it: magic and escapism, all wrapped in a pretty bow in this scary world.

I know that Disney is involved in some evil stuff, as are far too many major corporations. But they also provide a sense of innocence and wonder that are hard to find elsewhere.


Today's annoyance related to magnetic awareness ribbons on cars:
I do believe that there's a place for awareness ribbons: Autism, Down syndrome, cancer research, etc. The ribbons can, shockingly enough, raise awareness of various causes. And, often, the ribbons signify a small donation to the cause. That said, many things that have awareness ribbons don't deserve them. Like the St. Louis Cardinals. So you're a sports fan and you support the home team. Rah rah rah! Put a sticker on your car or fly one of those silly flags that makes you look like you're part of a red-themed funeral procession. But don't put an awareness ribbon on your car. We're all aware of the Cardinals!

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trisha said...

No! Cardinal Awareness ribbons? Hogwash.