Thursday, November 18, 2010

One at a Time, Please!

Ada and I just returned from a few days visiting my sister, her husband, and their newborn twins.

I asked Ada to take a picture of me as I walked around the house holding the babies (my sister was getting a rare moment of sleep). Ada took pictures of nearly everything else in the house before snapping one of the least flattering pictures ever taken of me. Alas. But despite my collection of chins, I trust the sheer joy I felt while snuggling my newest niece and nephew shines through.

Other highlights of the trip (for Ada) included the giant hotel bed and a trip out for ice cream.

The babies are doing great. And I keep reassuring my sister that they will start to sleep eventually. One of them has already broken the 6 pound barrier, and once they get a little bigger they'll be able to go longer between feedings!

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