Monday, July 13, 2009

Mii Not Fit

So I'm trying to push our family into being more active, having a healthier lifestyle.

This is challenging when, like me, you prefer the taste of edible foodlike products to actual food.* And when you're married to a man who describes himself as sedentary. The combination is . . . deadly.

And we really have been very active this summer. Yay.

Two downsides. One is that it's going unexpectedly well for Paul. He's lost a lot of weight. Rah rah rah. You'll have to trust me (and him) that I am being extraordinarily supportive of his efforts. ("I'll put the kids to bed, you go out and run!" "Please do stop off on your way home from work and get new shoes; that's important.") But I'm also frustrated because it's not going as well for me.

Painful feet, sore back or knee, shin splints, whatever exercise I try, something hurts. I keep modifying and stretching stretching stretching and hoping that I get better. Because I'm not going to get any younger! I will not give up. But I understand why I have done so many times in the past.

*Note that I feed my children actual food, in appropriate quantities at appropriate intervals. But when they're not around . . . my eating habits are not as healthy.


Kathy G said...

I think it's ALWAYS easier for men to lose weight than women.

Keep at it. As you get in better shape, some of the aches will go away.

RobMonroe said...

At least you're trying - I have just given up. My doctor did not even give me a kick in the butt at my last appointment.

I always say I'm going to do something, but never do. Argh.

(back to my desk-sitting and blog surfing...)

S. said...

Well, some of the aches won't necessarily go away. I'm a fat mother of daughters, and your posts on weight and exercise really resonate with me. I've found that swimming or water-aerobics-type classes are a great non-hurt-y alternative to running, and I recommend it if you can get to a pool. It's so impressive that you're doing this. I know how hard it is!

Sarahlynn said...

Kathy, I think you're right about men losing weight more easily, and it probably has something to do with the biology necessary for incubating and nourishing new members of the species.

Rob, :(
On the other hand, my favorite doctor is my OB, who has NEVER mentioned my weight to me. I know the problem, I know what I need to do about it, and I am not someone who responds well to nagging. (Given how often I berate myself for my choices, any external mention - no matter how mild - feels like nagging.)

S., getting to a pool is such a hassle! But ultimately worth it, I suspect.

Sadly, my problems were not caused by my weight or lack of fitness, so just losing weight and becoming more fit won't make them go away. (Though of course being overweight doesn't help matters.)

datri said...

Ditto here. The Hubs loses weight without even trying! Meanwhile, I went to the gym for four straight months and all I got was painful plantar fasciitis! Grrrrr!!

Sarahlynn said...

Sympathy! Sympathy! Sympathy!