Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Table for Sale on eBay

I'm sure you've seen it already, though I just got it for the first time late last week. And I just can't stop looking. It's one of the best email forwards I've received in a long time.

Um, the photo might not exactly be suitable for work. Or home. Or . . . anywhere, really.

"Can you solve this little riddle? First take a look and guess. You'll find the answer below, but try to figure it out before you look!

This table is for sale on eBay. How can you tell it's being sold by a man??"

Random link to pic.

Disturbing Snopes article. Sort of ruins the fun, actually. (And includes more disturbing photos.)

Hope you had a little chuckle before the ashes and the praying and the seriousness of Lent. I'm clearly not ready for it yet, so I'd better start preparing myself, like . . . now. ish.

I was going to post something else tonight, like, maybe a recap of the 4-week parenting class Paul and I completed tonight (sort of a Love & Logic knock-off, very cool) or an account of Ellie's cardiology appointment, or a note about Ada's recent experience with Spaghetti-O's.

Instead, I was busy chatting with a friend and . . . knitting. Then I watched Monk. But tomorrow I'm sure I'll be properly back on track, ashen forehead or no.