Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

Well, not yet, he doesn't. But he wants one. See, I wasn't kidding a few days ago when I threatened to write about Paul's Christmas present.

Christmas 1997. I was making $8.81 an hour as an editorial assistant, and my student loan payments had just kicked in - I was 6 months past college graduation.

It was my first Christmas with Paul; we'd been together 11 months. I knew that he wanted a nice bag to carry to class and work, an over-the-shoulder bag rather than a backpack.

I spent what was, for me at the time, a lot of money at L.L. Bean or Land's End - I always get those two confused - and got Paul a great, personalized, leather-trimmed bag. He was suspicious and I believe in the importance of surprise, so I wrapped in a long, flat package along with several of my big college textbooks, but he knew what it was before he opened it, anyway. Disappointing. But he did like the bag and used it.

More disappointing was the fact that some months later, his parents got him a more expensive, all leather bag and he never used mine again.

This year he wants a new laptop bag, and he wants a backpack this time (after all, he's been carrying an over-the-shoulder bag for 10 years now). No problem, right? I'll tell his parents and they can get him a very nice new bag.

But no.

Paul wants me to get the bag for him, presumably to make up for ditching my last bag in favor of a nicer one from his parents. Sigh. You mean I'm going to have to let this go? After all these years?

Alas. I've looked around online a little but not fallen in love with any non-bulky laptop backpacks. Any suggestions? Do any of you have one that you love?


Amanda said...

I don't think a nonbulky one exists. I think they figure if it's going on your back then you can carry more. I got one some years ago at JC Penney for half off. It's leather and actually seems to weigh a ton when loaded. I think you should get him the one I got. :) Just joking. You could try Amazon, Dell, Lenovo, Samsonite (has some really nice bags (mine's a Samsonite)), and the leather stores in the mall tend to have nice ones too. I think if you go to the Samsonite website you might find one you really like, then you can search for a distributor who sells it for less. :)

Amanda said...

Okay, just checked out Samsonite's webpage and I lied. They have about two or three laptop backpacks. The style I got (cc points) isn't there. Sorry no bright red laptop bags that looks like a purse. The Black Label has one backpack that's $270. For that much I think it should carry itself, but Samsonite is good quality and you might be able to find some older models for sale on distributors. Good luck.

Rob Monroe said...

We have two awesome ones! (They match, sort of.)

Skip your traditional JCPennys and Macy's. Head for an outdoor store like REI or Cabela's. Our bags are made by Merrell. They're light and comfortable, but have enough space for two of us to take off for a weekend.

Like we do that anymore. :o)

Christopher said...

I like Targus actually. The one I have now: Targus Bag is the perfect size as long as you don't want to bring a ton of huge textbooks...All of their bags have lifetime warranties, and I've been very happy with this one...

Orange said...

The year I bought my husband a nice new wallet, his parents gave him a Coach wallet. I'm not sure if it was counterfeit or not. And I forget whether my husband ditched the one I chose for him, or ditched the parental gift.

mypetrock said...

Mine is a Timbuk2 Underground Daypack. You can probably find it at REI. It's not fancy, but it is a functional comfortable backpack.

flatflo said...

The Targus ones are nice, and not a bad price on some of them. There are some slim-line ones, too.

Some of our field guys in the office use Victorinox by Swiss Army. They are a little pricey, but they are pretty hardy and have an excellent warranty. I have a large traveling backpack that developed a hole. I dropped it at their office in Maryland Heights and as they could not mend it they sent me a brand new bag.

Good luck and happy shopping!

Kristi said...

I have one from Land's End that I bought back when I worked for Braun and was carrying my laptop all over Chicago. It's really lightweight when empty (it's not leather), and still in great shape. It also doesn't stand out as a laptop backpack, which makes me feel safer when out and about with it (unlike many others which may as well have a neon "Laptop Here" sign on them). The only drawback is that it is almost too small for my widescreen laptop. I'm sure they've massively changed the designs by now...I've had this thing for like 8 years.

Sarahlynn said...

You all so totally rock. Thank you!!!

Paul is so freaking picky about his bags; I pointed him here and asked him to do his own research. Kudos go to Christopher - Paul found a Targus bag he loves and I found it for 50% off at Amazon! (With free shipping because I'm a Prime member.) YAY!

I feel OK about asking him to pick out his own gift this year because 1)he's really picky, and this is something he'll be using everyday, and 2) his present for me came in the mail today and I noted that it's a piece of furniture that I've been coveting. yay!

Amanda, I covet your new laptop bag! I am going to gently suggest it to Paul for Valentine's day. It's red, after all!

ccw said...

Mr. MFBA has one that he likes. I will have to find out what brand it is once he is home.

I would not be able to pick a bag out for him on my own.

Victoria/Beachcomber said...

MEC 's Megabyte Computer Daypack is awesome. And they ship to the States.

Krupskaya said...

Belated plug for my peeps Duluth Pack: