Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Two Steps Forward . . .

What I love

Ellie is determined to learn to walk. For the last few days she's been standing up and walking to Paul or me over and over and over again, with a look of incredible pride on her face. She's getting much sturdier!

At yesterday's visit to the Audiologist and ENT, Ellie was more compliant with the behavioral hearing screening. She tested just below the normal range, and neither the audiologist nor the ENT were concerned. Her ears look good - no inflammation, no fluid, so they figure that the loud, raspy breathing from her cold (foreshadowing!) was probably keeping her from hearing the softer sounds. No surgery or sedated ABR indicated. Recheck in 6 months. Christmas came early!

It has begun. Last night Ellie had leftover garlic chicken mozzarella Alfredo for dinner. She's a big pasta and green veggies girl, not so much with the meat. When I was cleaning off her high chair last night, I found every piece of chicken larger than a pea stuffed into the drink holder. Why you little mischievous . . . I love it!

What I don't love

After our jam-packed weekend, my reserves were shot. So when Paul left on Sunday afternoon for a business trip, I was already running on empty. After two nights of Ellie's cold keeping us up (I told you!) I'm about to fall over. At about 2:00 this morning, I finally laid her down and told myself not to wake up unless she was screaming loudly enough to wake the neighbors. That would never work, of course, so it's very fortunate that she chose that very moment to finally sleep for 4-1/2 hours. I have my fingers crossed for a good nap today and a restful night tonight. I'm turning into Low-Patience Mommy, the toy all children want to return to the store.


ccw said...

So happy Ellie's appt. went well. That is wonderful news. I love to hear about the mischievious things she does; she is so funny and creative.

I do hope that Ellie is feeling better and sleeping better soon. It is so hard to function anywhere near "normal" as a parent when you are exhausted.

genevieve said...

As a senior parent who didn't discover these wonderful things till her kids were ancient teenagers, have you ever used a vaporiser? magic for coughs. We had an 18 year old recover very quickly with one of these recently. I was astounded at how effective it was with a dry, unproductive cough, and I believe some parents use them for colds as well.

Good luck with sleeping, get all the naps you can. You are a truly grand mother, no one will ever send you back.