Wednesday, September 22, 2004


This morning, Ellie and I were at the moms' group/play group at Kangaroo Kids and one of my favorite mom/baby pairs (Brigitte and Jordan) were next to us. Ellie and Jordan hadn't seen each other in a couple of months, and they were fascinated by each other. First Jordan was reaching out to touch Ellie's head, then Ellie chewed on Jordan's shoe, then Jordan gently (we're all working on "gently") took Ellie's face in both of his hands and kissed her nose. He turned his head slightly, clearly waiting for a reciprocal kiss. Ellie, who is sparing with her wet, sloppy kisses, obliged. They went back and forth, to great enthusiasm from the watching crowd of mamas, until the babies got too excited and began trying to pummel and bite each other.

This was the most adorable interaction I've ever seen Ellie have with another baby. The best part was that no one said, "Aww, they're making out," or, "Ellie's got a boyfriend," or, "He's robbing the cradle!" (Jordan is 13 months old to Ellie's 11.) All of these sort of comments are so common at our more mainstream parenting groups.

It's so sad. Kids are kids for such a short time. Why do we push them so hard to grow up? Why do parents stuff their baby girls' bikini tops with tennis balls? Or put their toddler girls in hot pants with "cheerleader" written across their diapered bottoms? Why do we tell our crying baby boys to "be a man" and dress our daughters as brides for Halloween? Why are Kim Anderson-style portraits of children behaving like grown-ups so popular?

Let's let kids be kids. And more kisses, please!


Zoe said...

Kangaroo Kids looks great! I wonder if my mom knows about it...
If I ever have a kid, I'm so moving back to StL.

Becca said...

That's absolutely gorgeous, that is.

Nice one Ellie. And Jordan.